INONGE ZITA is a sustainable fine jewellery brand specializing in Zambian gemstones. The brand was started by Patricia Inonge Zita Mweene as a way of contributing to the development of the gem cutting and jewellery manufacturing industry in Zambia. Patricia was born in Lusaka, but grew up on the mining town of Ndola. She lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. With one foot in Denmark and another in Zambia – she is using the best of both worlds in design and raw materials to create sustainable fine jewellery. Her designs are influenced by both Zambian roots and Scandinavian design ethos, which she brightens with colorful gemstones sourced from her native Zambia and other African countries.


Inonge Zita works in partnership with gemstone mining communities to create value chains that can contribute to the development of the lapidary and jewellery industry in Zambia.

As a company, Inonge Zita has chosen to integrate the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in its jewellery and gemstone supply chain. We are committed to helping the UN deliver on the 17 sustainable development goals through the following goals:

Sustainable Development Goal #4  

INONGE ZITA is committed to contributing to the development of design and technical skills needed to develop the Zambian lapidary and jewellery industry.


 ⁣⁣⁣Sustainable Development Goal #5

Through the gem cutting field in Zambia is predominantly male dominated, there are just as many trained female gem cutters who are unable to find employment. INONGE ZITA is supporting gender equality by creating employment opportunities for female gem cutters.

Sustainable Development Goal #9 

INONGE ZITA is using design as a tool for promoting a sustainable jewellery value chains from Zambia.


Sustainable Development Goal #12 

Managing the design process collaborating with jewellery designers that are committed to delivering tangible benefits to extractive communities.